Our Bishop

Our Bishop

Bishop Elbert Jones, III, a native of Memphis, TN, is the Pastor/Founder of “The Place of Hope” (The Church of the Living God of Memphis) born, on August 6, 1975, to Chief Bishop Elbert and Elect Lady Brenda Jones. Pastor Jones has become a source of inspiration to many young preachers and pastors.

At the age of 5, Pastor Jones was called into the ministry. In 1993, he began making his steps through the historical pages of The Church of the Living God. In that year he became the youngest to be an ordained Elder. In 1996, he became the youngest ever Pastor in the Church of the Living God when he accepted the pastorate in Little Rock AR at the age of 20.

In 1999, Pastor Jones achieved yet another milestone by becoming the first Pastor in the history of the Church of the Living God organization to succeed a living Chief Bishop.

Chief Bishop W.E. Crumes pastored Temple 51 in Cincinnati, OH for 51 years before retiring and naming Pastor Jones his successor. In 2004, Pastor Jones was appointed by Chief Bishop Robert D. Tyler as National Minister of Protocol. He became the youngest to ever serve in this office of national recognition. July 2010, Pastor Jones was appointed to the Executive Board of the Church of the Living God as the Executive Elder of the Board. November 2012 Pastor Jones was elevated to the Office of Overseer. Again, making history becoming the youngest Overseer in the history of the church and the first to serve as a father/son as his father was the Bishop of the First Episcopal Diocese. Overseer Jones serves as the Overseeing Elder of the First Episcopal Diocese East.

In September 2012 Overseer Jones was named the Vice President of the Fellowship Ministry Alliance. July 2013 Overseer Jones was awarded the W.E. Crumes Leadership Award for outstanding leadership by the Church of the Living God, National Brotherhood. He was recently recognized by the city of Nashville for Excellence in Community Leadership and Service. Pastor Jones became the Pastor of The Church of the Living God, Nashville, TN (Temple 6) in January 2008. In 2015, Pastor Jones was relocated to his father’s church, Temple 71 in Memphis, TN. Pastor Jones was passed the mantle in Memphis after his father, Chief Bishop Elbert Jones retired after leading the Memphis congregation for 21 years. In 2016, Overseer Jones was appointed as the Overseer of the Eighth Episcopal Diocese.

The Year 2018 was a year of significant movement. God spoke in manners that He had never spoken to now Bishop Elbert Jones, III. The anointing of Bishop was given by God at Bishop’s birth. The assignment of Bishop was given by God in July of 2018. Bishop Jones served from birth in one organization but in July of 2018 God said, “it’s time to move”. Bishop Jones acknowledged the voice and mandate from God and left the familiar for the unfamiliar and reorganized the congregation now known as “The Place of Hope”. God still was not done speaking to Bishop Jones. Bishop Jones wrestled with God concerning his purpose for his assignment. Bishop Jones is a nurturer of young ministers. Thus, God has led him to develop a platform and covering for ministers known as “The Hope Covenant Connection”. This connection allows ministers to sit at the feet of Bishop Jones and glean from his knowledge and experiences. Men, women, young, and seniors are encouraged to align themselves with Bishop Jones and HCC. The training, development, encouragement, and covering is guaranteed to change your ministry perspective.

The ministry of Bishop Jones gives life, hope, and inspiration to all who hear his message. Bishop Jones is a sought out evangelist, visionary, teacher, leader, administrator but most of all he is a man that loves God and loves the people of God.

On January 27, 1996, Pastor Jones married the beautiful Lady Eva Jones. Sis. Jones is an awesome woman of God. She is the daughter of Allen and Mattie James of Memphis, TN. She is a graduate of the University of Memphis. Sis. Jones is a songstress; Praise and Worship Leader and an inspiration to all. They have one son, Elbert James Jones (EJ).

Bishop Jones always says “God could have chosen to do anything with me, yet he called me to be a preacher and for that I am grateful. There is nothing else I want to do. I take pleasure in leading God’s people and helping change this world one person at a time.