Mission and Values

Mission & Values

 Mission Statement:

"To be the vehicle of change for our community and our city one person at a time”

Value Statements:

1. We are unafraid to exercise the full potential of our faith. We will never insult God with a small-minded approach. We are believers in his Word and His way. 

2. We are the "capital C" church! Our church is the hope of this city, this community, and its families. “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor”. We are many and TOGETHER we will see great things accomplished. 

3. We will always define our own greatness and not accept the shortsighted labels of others.  

4. We will spread the gospel of Christ by exhausting all means while continuing to lift his name. We will reach those whom have been failed by others, we will put in the work no one else has been willing or able to do.  

5. We will praise with all our being, and not reserve ourselves as the spirit moves through and around our lives. There is no greater pleasure than to serve God without shame or reservation, always being genuine to yourself and the Lord.  

6. We will only bring our best to each task God has for us, and that will always serve as an inspiration for others.  

7. We will honor Christ and His church with integrity.